FurFashionOn over 300 runways among New York, Paris, Milan and London in 2015 the fur is seen. And also for this winter there is no space to doubts: the fur is translated in runway with discordant models, from those shabby to long hair, to the over and long, colored or in the warm tones of the camel. Don’t make to be found unprepared to the wave of I cool that will get depressed on Italy, the suggestion is to aim everything at the fur coat! The fur has conquered the young women, in passed the fur it was a status symbol, emblem of luxury, of prestige and of social position, a gentleman accessory to be reserved to the evening and the special occasions. Today, that traditional fur doesn’t exist anymore. In version colored she has conquered a young public. To realize a modern fur they serve less skins, in fact, those traditional required at least sixty skins. Today the cuts extralong and oversize of the past have been banished and replaced by inlays, inserts and combinings with hosiery and fabric, with a number of skins very more content, making also the more desirable price! To bring in top this last, the job of the artisans of house of Fendi, that with the collection Haute Fourrure shown up in Paris in last July, has contributed to give new sap to mink, lynx and sable enriching them with a jumble of feathers and inlays décor. Not more appanage of the aristocracy as once, the fur comes today from the creative ones of the international fashion that they throw out of the trunk coat of fur and accessories furry giving him an imprint vintage for the cold season.

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