Furs a cuore Saint LaurentThe fur. It doesn’t care if it divides the public opinion among trained animal rights activists¬† and traditionalists that love it, she doesn’t know taboo, even in gangway, and she has been select from the designers as true star of season. For this winter every preference and demand will be satisfied and also the more souls greens will be lifted by the remorses of conscience. In fact for this winter 2017 the fur is a proper and true must have! The fur is a lot more than a simple good of luxury. And a true status symbol to which some women don’t know indeed how to abdicate. Not only to cover the shoulders; it is also beloved as material for the accessories of woman style. Away from the diatribe among you model ecological and in true fur, we want gettar light on the creations more fashions than the next winter. It deals with typologies that in some cases they squeeze the eye to the tradition, in other reinventano in original and innovative way entirely, a real evergreen of the female attire. Within this second category, for instance, a place of first floor is busy from the signed creations Saint Laurent. The known maison of luxury, realizes models to form of heart, declined, naturally, in the tonality more turned on and intense of the red. The shoulders structured iper and the voluminous surrender of the fur of fox, attribute an unique charm to this model. There is also then the length of the hair, the color, the fit and the style to choose: and they will be glam the furs both trimmed and long, in natural tonality or multicolor, and then simple or. The line of the coats in more chic shearling Burberry London England is signed. The brand introduces both exclusive models in white with brown neck both short versions and with hood, from the most classical style.
Ready to wear the must of season?!

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