CannesFabrizio Ferrario inaugured his first store in downtown Cannes in French Riviera.
The Croisette zone, where every years there is The Cannes Festival, host his furs brand called Fabrizio Ferrario Furs, active since 1992.
The boutique will be able to offer an atmosphere and a sense of surprise that drag the visitor in a rich, but refined context, in contrast with the discreet outside, according to a typical dicotomia that countersigns the more important French buildings. Showroom embodies the predilection for the use of pure lines, exalting to the meantime the inheritance and the vision of its founder, Fabrizio CannesFerrario. The feeling is to be in a small gallery of art with spaces parish priests and devoted to the shopping. In every environment, the heads are introduced on unexpected backgrounds and minimalists.
“The Croisette is among the more prestigious European destinations for the shopping. I have wanted to amplify the feeling of luxury inside the boutique through the natural light and space to create aesthetics in harmony with the actual image of the brand”, Fabrizio Ferrario says. “Reference to iconic furs matherial and elements from the past characterize the shop new design concept, but always in an extremely modern context, creating ideal background for our collections.”

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